Afghan government rejects Pakistan claims of India using Afghan territory

Kabul/New Delhi: The Ashraf Ghani government has rejected Islamabad’s allegation that Afghanistan was allowing its territories to be used by India to destabilize Pakistan.

In a statement, the Imran Khan government on Thursday said that the United Nations Analytical Support and Sanctions Monitoring Team endorsed Islamabad’s claim that Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is operating from Afghanistan with Indian support.

Rejecting the accusation completely, the foreign affairs ministry in Kabul on Friday issued a statement saying that it fights all terror groups without any discrimination. “TTP and its splinter groups have the blood of the Afghan people on their hands and are designated as terrorist organizations in the national threat assessment and national security policy of Afghanistan”.

Like other terrorist organizations, TTP has allied itself since its emergence with those fighting the government and people of Afghanistan, the statement said. Over the past years, a significant number of TTP leaders and operatives have been either taken out in the battle ground or captured and brought to justice in Afghanistan.


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