Two special flights to begin evacuating Indian stranded in UAE on Thursday

Two special flights are set to begin evacuating Indians stranded in the United Arab Emirates amid the coronavirus lockdown, on Thursday.

The passenger list will be made on the basis of registrations in the Embassy or Consulate database which was launched for this purpose a few days back.

The list for the two flights — Abu Dhabi to Kochi and Dubai to Kozhikode — will be finalised by the Embassy of India, Abu Dhabi, and the Consulate General of India, Dubai, a statement said on Monday.

According to the statement, priority will be given to workers in distress, elderly people, urgent medical cases, pregnant women as well as to other people who are stranded in difficult situations.

The cost of the tickets and other conditions, for travel including quarantine requirements after reaching India, and health requirements to board the flight will be conveyed in due course and will have to be accepted by each passenger.

The Embassy or Consulate will also convey the details of further flights to different destinations in India in the coming days and the process for finalisation of the passenger lists for these flights will remain the same

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