Pulwama Exposes Pakistan’s Deceitful False Flag Narrative Yet Again

On 28 May, security forces in Kashmir foiled what could have been a devastating terror attack, similar to the 2019 Pulwama attack in which 40 CRPF personnel were martyred. A car loaded with over 45 kg of explosives was intercepted in Pulwama while trying to flee from a security check-point. Investigations have revealed this to be the handiwork of Pakistan through its proxies Jaish-e-Mohammed(JeM) and HizbulMujahideen(HM). Had the vehicle not been intercepted and the attack been successful, the human cost to innocent Kashmiris could have been terrifying.

In the run-up to this event, Pakistan had all its pieces in place. However, a carefully timed tweet by Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on 27 May confirmed his connivance with JeM and HM. He alleged, as he has done earlier on 21 May, 17 May and 6 May that India intended to carry out a ‘False Flag’ operation in Kashmir to try to justify military action against Pakistan.

This series of tweets claiming knowledge about Indian intentions of a False Flag operation clearly indicates that Imran Khan and his ISI handlers had fore-knowledge of what transpired in Pulwama on 28 May, with the last tweet being posted just one day earlier on 27 May. Had the terror attack been successful, Imran Khan would have hoped that he would be on a safe wicket, having already proclaimed that India was about to undertake a False Flag operation. That, however, did not happen and Imran Khan and his handlers’ master-plan was safe-detonated in a forest by vigilant Indian security forces.  The Prime Minister of ‘Terroristan’, whose mental faculties and sanity are already being doubted, now stands exposed as a charlatan.

There are however important takeaways from this event. It appears that Khan’s tweets were timed to match with various stages of the ISI-led operation to move explosives into Kashmir and orchestrate the terror attack. On one hand, the narrative being spun would have provided a shield to Pakistan by claiming ‘I told you so’, on the other it tested India’s resolve to undertaken punitive action against Pakistan while the Indian Army is in a face-off  with a Chinese-incursion in Ladakh.

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