Pension costs rising; Indian Ocean has threats: Defence Secretary

Defence Secretary Dr Ajay Kumar on Thursday said ways are being found to reduce the wage and pension bill at the Ministry of Defence. Separately, while addressing a wider strategic issue, he said the Indian Ocean Region was becoming “a threat” like the South China Sea (SCS).

The latter was the obvious unstated reference to China’s recent activities in the Indian Ocean, including building artificial islands near Maldives, and the ongoing tussle in the contested hydro-carbon rich waters of the SCS.

He delivered a talk on ‘COVID-19, Resource Crunch and Defence Modernisation’ and later answered questions at a ‘web-seminar’ conducted by the Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (MP-IDSA), here.

On the Indian Ocean, he was answering questions on ‘blue economy’ euphuism for marine, fishing, minerals and energy, when he said security needs in Indian Ocean will have to be addressed, adding that the means of doing it are best left to experts.

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