Passengers can keep 350-ml sanitiser bottle in cabin baggage

In the COVID-19 situation, sanitiser has become everyone’s best friend. In order to allow you to have enough stock of the ammunition against coronavirus, the government has allowed air passengers to carry up to 350 ml of sanitiser in their hand baggage or cabin baggage.

The relaxation has been provided for a period of three months from the time of notification, i.e three months from May 13.

“Due to the spread of coronavirus infection, passengers are being advised to use hand sanitiser frequently. Therefore, it has been decided that passengers boarding an aircraft will be allowed to carry in his/her hand baggage or in his/her cabin baggage liquid hand sanitiser up to 350 ml,” an order from the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) read.

So far, passengers could not carry any liquid beyond 100 ml in their hand baggage or cabin baggage. However, this rule has been relaxed only for sanitisers now.

As per the current rules and regulations of BCAS, the allowed carriage of other liquid items, gel, pastes, or items of similar consistency will continue to be 100 ml.

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