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Not Aliens, but Maybe Drones? New Reports Detail U.S. Navy’s UFO Encounters

If the truth is out there, the U.S. Navy may already have it on videos. Eight incident reports recently released by the Navy have revealed new details about a series of encounters between its pilots and UFOs.

Just late last month, similar incidents were thrust into international spotlight when the Pentagon officially declassified and released videos of three encounters with “unidentified aerial phenomena.” The videos show what appear to be UFOs moving at high speeds while being recorded by infrared cameras.

Each of the eight incidents took place in airspaces off the coasts of Virginia and North Carolina, with most of them occurring between 2013 and 2014.

In one particular report from March 2014, which refers to the UFOs as “unidentified aerial devices,” a pilot described seeing a “metallic object” that was “small in size, approximately the size of a suitcase, and silver in color.”

The pilot apparently came within only 1,000 feet of the object, but “was unable to positively determine the identity of the aircraft.” The pilot then “attempted to regain visual contact with the aircraft, but was unable.”

According to another report from November 2013, a pilot “was able to visually acquire a small aircraft. The aircraft had an approximately 5-foot wingspan and was colored white with no other distinguishable features.

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