Made in India weaponized UAV for warfare

Showcased during 34th Raising Day of National Security Guard (NSG) in Manesar, these attack Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) also called drones are a result of the very success of Make in India initiative.

The team from startup company Vinveli, led by Gokul Anandayuvaraj has created this UAV after advice from the Ministry of Home Affairs. This a result of closely working with India’s premier counter-terrorism force NSG to understand the requirements of it’s commandos and developing an indigenous UAV.

Where most companies are focused on making UAVs with cameras for surveillance, this Made in India UAV called Vero is remotely piloted, equipped with two 38mm grenades that are capable of being remotely fired mid-air. The UAV has two cameras that allow for the operator to conduct surveillance and locate the target. It can function in below zero degree to positive forty degrees. The UAV is designed to be used in extreme and high-altitude conditions.

An advance version of this UAV is packed with even more firepower with capacity of firing lethal 40mm grenades. Another variant is capable of carrying several kilograms of High Explosive IEDs, transporting supplies such as ammunition, food, etc.

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