Indian, Chinese troops resolve issues mutually as per established protocols, says Indian Army

Tensions between the troops of India and China cool down after discussions at the local level. Over the weekend Indian and Chinese troops had been in a stand-off when fistfights and stone-pelting incidents had taken place in Eastern Ladakh and in Sikkim.

Citing security reasons, the sources have not revealed the number of Indian troops located in an area which is considered as India’s own and is along the Line of Actual Control (LAC). Reports indicate that the Chinese have around 1,200 troops.

What does the Indian Army say?

According to the Indian Army, “There is no continuing faceoffs at the Pangong Tso Lake. Incidents of the face-off and aggressive behaviour occur on LAC and the patrols disengage after local dialogue and discussions. Since the boundary issue is not resolved, temporary and face-offs of short duration occur. And these are resolved based on established protocols.”

The Indian Army has also urged the media to avoid speculation and avoid unsubstantiated statements.

What is the reason for these incidents?

The tension between the troops has been building since earlier this year. And, according to experts since the perception of LAC differs the patrolling parties of both sides often ask each other to go back.

“These are routine events and one should not read much into this,” said a senior officer who wished to remain anonymous.

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