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India swiftly beheading Pakistan dual terror policy

The abrogation of Article 370 on August 5, 2019, profoundly influenced the Kashmir Valley”s course and decades of insurgency perpetrated by the Pakistani state and non-state actors. The various political sides within the violence-hit state running a sinister agenda, based on the fabricated narrative, were in for a rude awakening. None of them had expected the government to take such a bold step to execute long pending demand of assimilating J&K with the rest of the country.

Leading the perplexed parties was Pakistan, which has unleashed a proxy war since independence through its hold in Kashmir. That country has now seen its returns dwindling in recent times due to massive offensives launched by the Indian security forces. Various ”tanzeems” with hidden agenda are now getting exposed. Along with that, reduced terror funding coupled with international pressure have affected terror factories in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK).

Pakistan and the top brass of its notorious intelligence agency, the ISI, have needed a fresh crop of terrorists to continue the proxy war with deniability. The agenda is clear: the new wave of insurgency and a surge in violence could hit international headlines even before the link is established with Pakistani state actors. And this search for deniability has given birth to a new terror outfit with same old Pakistani institutions at the helm of affairs.

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