Fighting COVID-19: India lends a helping hand to the African continent

India has reached out to 32 African countries with supplies of essential medical kits which include test kits, consignments of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), Paracetamol and other essential drugs to help the region to fight the spread of the global pandemic COVID-19. “The supplies have been dispatched and some are on the way. They will reach their destinations soon. These are being sent as either grant or on the commercial basis,” a source confirmed to Financial Express Online.

The consignment of the HCQ is heading mostly to the Sub Saharan countries where malaria-related deaths are high. According to reports, WHO has already warned that the number of malaria-related deaths in the region could increase, as all the attention is no focused on controlling COVID-19.

“Extending a helping hand to other regions including Africa, during the global pandemic has given India space and credibility to support its friends, especial in the medical field. “It has successfully projected India as a Pharmacy of the world,” a senior diplomat opined.

Almost all the countries from the region including South Africa which is also a member of IBSA & BRICS grouping, Uganda, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Zambia, amongst others have south India’s help.

Earlier this week 6 million units of HCQ have reached Morocco. The delivery of the 6 million units of the HCQ has been completed, confirmed India’s ambassador to Morocco Shambhu S Kumaran.

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