Elections for five non-permanent members of UNSC next month; India assured of seat

United Nations: The UN General Assembly has decided to hold elections for the five non-permanent members of the Security Council next month under the new voting arrangements due to the COVID-19 restrictions, with India assured a win being the sole contender for the Asia Pacific seat.

The 193-member General Assembly adopted the decision on Friday titled ‘Procedure for holding elections by secret ballot without a plenary meeting during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic’.

According to the decision, the elections of non-permanent members to the Security Council and the election of members to the Economic and Social Council will be held simultaneously in June 2020 without a plenary meeting.

Election for the five non-permanent members of the 15-nation council for the 2021-22 term was originally scheduled on June 17.

India is a candidate for a non-permanent seat and its victory is assured as it is the sole candidate vying for the lone seat from the Asia Pacific grouping.

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  1. India elected to non-permanent seat of the UN Security Council on 17 June 2020
    India elected to non-permanent seat of the United Nations Security Council on 17 June 2020 with an overwhelming majority of 184 votes running on a platform of fighting terrorism and promoting the ethos of “ Vasudhaiva Kutumbkam” – the world is one family. New Delhi won the Asia Pacific seat on the highest decision –making body of the UN with unanimous support. The richly deserved honor has been bestowed upon India when month of July , 2020 is just two weeks away synchronizing with and corresponding to this Vedic astrology writer’s one of key predictions for India in article – “ Predictions for coming year 2020 by kushal kumar” – published last year 2019 on 10 October at The text related to the said prediction reads like this in the article :-
    “ Now something encouraging. The second half of the year from July to Movember 2020 looks to be addressing the setbacks or delay of the past , particularly those of first half. Some trends of success or forward movement in economic sector , political issues are likely. Cooperation or support of global powers may be seen coming. Some historic political decision is likely. The obstructive forces may weaken to some extent. Like the previous year , ACCEPTANCE BY THE GLOBAL COMMUNITY OF INDIA’S POSITIVE ROLE IN WORLD AFFAIRS MAY BE IN THE NEWS. IT SEEMS THE SECOND HALF IN 2020 CAN BOOST UP THE AMBITIOUS SIDE OF THE NATION”.

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