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Days After Sonic Reverberations Baffle Bengaluru, Tirupur in Tamil Nadu Hears Puzzling Boom

Days after Bengaluru heard a mysterious boom which later turned out to be sonic reverberations of an IAF aircraft, people here on Thursday encountered a similar experience.

People in the city and several neighbouing localities heard a “loud sound,” a police official in the district headquarters said here, adding it was suspected to have come from “operation of aircraft by the Air force people of Sulur air base.”

Sulur Air Force Station is about 35 km from here in the outskirts of Coimbatore.

People ran out of their houses in villages including Kangeyam, Palladam, Mangalam and Pongalur after hearing the “deafening sound,” according to local police.

Tirupur District Collector, Vijayakarthikeyan K on his twitter handle said, “the loud sound that was heard today morning across various parts of Tiruppur was most likely a SonicBoom caused by a Supersonic Aircraft.

Kindly do not panic or spread rumours !

Defence authorities in Chennai, however, said “the loud sound heard was not due to operation of any aircraft from the Sulur Air Force Station.”

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