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Al Qaeda terrorist from Telangana could be key to understanding terror group’s India network

New Delhi: Al Qaeda terrorist Mohammad Ibrahim Zubair, who was deported to India from the United States Wednesday, is neither involved in any terror cases in India nor is he on the radar of Indian intelligence agencies, but all agencies are keen to interrogate him.

This is because he is a “key link to understand the network of Al Awlaki and Abu Musaab Al Souri — two fundamental characters of al Qaeda”, according to a source in the intelligence agencies.

Zubair, 40, an engineer who lived in Toledo, Ohio, worked as a financier for Awlaki.

According to the US, Awlaki waged violence against the state and was involved in attempted terrorist attacks against civilians, and was killed in a drone strike by US authorities in Yemen in September 2011. Souri is in jail in the US.

Intelligence agencies, including the National Investigation Agency, Intelligence Bureau and Research and Analysis Wing, see Zubair as a key link to understanding the al Qaeda’s network in India’s context.

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