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Siachen Day: India’s Domination Of Saltoro Ridge Is A Strategic Imperative

“I am proud of all Army personnel serving in Siachen who are leaving no stone unturned to defend our motherland. I am also proud of their parents who have sent their children to serve the nation by joining the Armed forces.

I will personally send a thank you note to them,” said Defence Minister Rajnath Singh in June 2019 during his maiden visit Siachen, the highest militarised zone in the world. The Defence Minister echoed sentiments of the entire India that remains in awe of the gallant Siachen Warriors ever since the launch of Operation Meghdoot on April 13, 1984 when, in an unimaginable feat of grit and bravery, the Indian Army gained control over the dominating heights of the Saltoro Ridge, Sia La and Bilafond La, in a short period of time. Since then, Siachen has witnessed a saga of unparalleled valour in the face of a belligerent enemy, arduous terrain and challenging climatic conditions.

Three years later, Pakistan tried to gain a dominant position by forcibly occupying a height which it called the Quaid Post. The Quaid Post was regained by a five member team of 8 Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry led by Naib Subedar Bana Singh.

This almost superhuman effort, after the unit had suffered initial setbacks and even lost an officer, Second Lieutenant Rajiv Pande, is now a part of military folklore. The post was renamed as Bana Post.

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