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Pakistan reactivates Taliban terror camps to launch attacks in Kashmir

Pakistan has reactivated Talibani camps situated at Afghanistan-Pakistan border to launch terror attacks in Kashmir. A Jaish-e-Mohmmad (JeM) terrorist held by Afghanistan’s security forces revealed Pakistan’s plan to launch massive attacks in Kashmir as well as on Indian assets in Afghanistan.

The captured terrorist was given arms training in Pakistan for four months and sent to Afghanistan to carry out attacks. Earlier, Indian security agencies had also expressed similar apprehensions that Pakistan was using Taliban camps for attacks in Kashmir, now the JeM terrorist’s confession has completely exposed Pakistan.

In an encounter with terrorists in Nangarhar province of Afghanistan, security forces had killed 15 terrorists and recovered arms and ammunition from the Talibani camps. The security forces discovered that only 5 of them were Talibani and the rest were from the JeM outfit.

“In an intervening night of April 13-14 a big group of JeM terror outfit was intercepted while entering in Nangarhar provenance. In an encounter, several terrorists were killed and arms and ammunition were recovered from them,” reports Afghani media.

Indian security agencies is assessing the current situation. Many feel that the infiltration in Kashmir will see a rise and the terrorists will be battle hardened veterans from Afghanistan.

“Pakistan’s ISI is trying to infiltrate Taliban into Kashmir. Most of the Taliban terrorists are war veterans. There are also reports about the presence of JeM terrorists at launch pads near Line of Control. Some of them also trained in Taliban camps,” said an officer working in the Indian security establishment.

Due to the peace agreement between the Taliban and the US in Doha, American troops will return from Afghanistan in a few months.

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