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Omar Sheikh, a tale of terror trail, to walk free in Pakistan in Daniel Pearl case

Born in London to Pakistani parents, he is an enigmatic star in the dark world of jihadi terror. Pervez Musharraf mentioned him in his book. He went to London School of Economics.

He was incarcerated in the Tihar Jail of Delhi and his story revolves around two of the most documented plane hijack terror plots. He was sentenced to death for killing American journalist Daniel Pearl. He will now walk free in Pakistan. He is Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh.

A Pakistani court accepted his appeal against the death penalty and commuted his sentence to seven years in prison. He already has served more. He will walk free though the government prosecutor in Pakistan said he will challenge the judgment.

His release order is linked to reports of confession by 9/11 accused Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who in 2007 claimed to have killed Daniel Pearl. Three other accused in the case have been acquitted.

Daniel Pearl was the South Asia bureau chief for the Wall Street Journal when he was kidnapped and beheaded by terrorists in 2002. The kidnappers initially demanded that all the Pakistani terrorists lodged in Guantanamo Bay prison of the CIA be released in exchange for Daniel Pearl, a video of whose beheading had been sent to the US consulate in Karachi and whose severed body was recovered later.

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