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No haircuts for Indian Army as coronavirus cases cross 29,000 in India

Even as tens of thousands of uniformed defence personnel fan out to assist with India’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, the virus has posed new risks to the Army’s core mission, with training exercises, posting and courses canceled or delayed; a new problem has made its way into every soldier’s life, which is they might not be able to get a haircut.

In order to keep the Army personnel safe from coronavirus infection, the forces have many restrictions and guidelines in place. Strict adherence to the lockdown is being followed in all cantonments with social distancing and maintaining hygiene being the key aspects. Another important instruction that the soldiers have been given and it has happened for the very first time is not to get haircuts.

Army personnel have to strictly follow the rule of keeping their hair short and getting a haircut each month. It is a part of their routine but with coronavirus scare lurking around, even soldiers can be seen with flicks and slightly longer mane than usual. They are not used to it but they say that it is the need of the hour.

Though every formation and unit in the Army has its own barber, they are still not allowed to get their haircut done. What now concerns them is that if the coronavirus is not contained, they might have to find some way to ensure a proper turnout.

Covid-19 panic grips India

It should be noted that recently panic had struck the Bargaon village in Madhya Pradesh’s Khargone district after six villagers were tested positive for coronavirus after going to a hair-cutting salon for hair-cuts and shaving.

Swab samples of as many as 10-12 persons, who recently visited the salon, were sent for COVID-19 testing recently. Six men tested positive out of these.

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