Nepal ready to mediate between India and Pakistan

An important source of the Government of Nepal insisted on resolving the problems between India and Pakistan and said that it is ready to mediate in it.

Kathmandu, Pratr. Nepal on Saturday agreed to mediate between India and Pakistan. Also, for the last three years, SAARC has kept away from the summit and said that the summit has to be revived. Nepal said that both countries would have to negotiate for a solution.

Sources in the Government of Nepal said, “Negotiations are the best way to solve a problem. Problems may occur but this can be resolved through negotiations. We can play the role of an arbitrator if needed.

According to the source, the best way to solve the problems is to establish good dialogue between the two countries. The source said, “We can be mediocre, but it would be better to have direct contact between the two countries.” Tensions between India and Pakistan have increased since India’s removal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir in August last year.

Pakistan’s response to this decision was strongly reacted by India which affected diplomatic relations between the two countries. Pakistan fired the Indian envoy.

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