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Make in India: Armed forces to get indigenous next gen communications solution, says CEO, Saankhya Labs

In their effort to provide indigenous, reliable and secure wireless communication solutions to the armed forces, Saankhya Labs, is working with various defence OEMs to build battlefield ready radios with SDR technology platform.

A Wireless Communication and Semiconductor solutions company, it is developing next-gen communication solutions for defence purposes including 5G NR and 6G RAN.

Saankhya Labs is the only company in the country today that builds and delivers end to end solutions to customers based on its indigenous, patented, SDR chipsets. The chipsets are conceived, architected, designed & developed by Saankhya Labs and are patent protected. All the IP ownership is created and rests within India.

Parag Naik, Co-founder & CEO Saankya Labs tells Financial Express Online, “The government’s “Make in India” initiative has given a boost to private players in the defence space. And as a company, we committed to deliver Indigenously Designed Developed and Manufactured highly secure, reliable communication systems to the armed forces.”

“Another aspect of the govt policy is to make India a leading defence export country and we will be happy to export our communication systems to friendly countries,” he says.

What is SDR Chipsets?

Historically, communication products used a platform approach wherein a combination of different chipsets, FPGAs and DSPs were used for baseband processing. “With the launch of Saankhya’s Pruthvi 3 chipset, baseband processing is implemented in firmware to serve diverse applications like broadcast, broadband, satellite communication and defence communication,” says Naik.

Adding, “Software-Defined Radio (SDR) Chipsets are chipsets which can be programmed to support multiple frequencies and broadcast standards. They are advanced computational capabilities, coupled with ultra-low power consumption and small footprint make them an ideal choice for multiple applications.”

S-Band Sat phones

According to the company’s co-founder, “We are a Strategic MSS Technology partner of ISRO and have developed cutting edge Satellite communication systems based on its SDR Chipsets. One such next-gen communication systems is SAMRAT”.

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