Lord Hanuman Defines Lifeline UDAN Flights Transporting COVID-19 Medical Supply: Aviation Minister

Hardeep Singh Puri, Civil Aviation Minister of India has shared a tweet today comparing Lord Hanuman with Mission Lifeline UDAN. Sharing images of a painting in his office depicting Lord Hanuman carrying Dronagiri Mountain and an Air India plane, the minister wrote on Twiter – “This painting in my office of Lord Hanuman flying in the air with Dronagiri mountain to save Lakshman Ji’s life aptly defines Mission Lifeline UDAN.”

He also compared the Statue of Unity with healthcare and aviation personnel who are regularly working to fight against COVID-19. He wrote – “The Statue of Unity stands tall to symbolise how civil aviation officials, professionals & stakeholders are united in this fight.”

The minister earlier appreciated aviation professionals and stakeholders for their commendable efforts during Covid-19 crisis by making life saving medical & essential supplies available to citizens across the country under Lifeline Udan.

The Minister shared that 3,43,635 km has been covered by Lifeline Udan flights till date. 347 flights have been operated under Lifeline Udan by Air India, Alliance Air, IAF and private carriers. 206 of these flights have been operated by Air India and Alliance Air. 591.66 tons of cargo has been transported till date.

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