India Gets Ready To Send Aid To 13 Countries Including Neighbourhood

As has been reported earlier, the HCQ is being sent to those countries first which are severely hit by the Coronavirus, therefore, the Ministry of External Affairs has prepared an inventory of these countries which have sought help from India.

The first list of 13 countries approved to receive the anti-malaria drug include: US; Europe: Spain & Germany; Neighbourhood: Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Maldives & Bangladesh; Indian Ocean Region (IOR): Seychelles & Mauritius; South America: Brazil & Dominican Republic; West Asia: Bahrain.

In Africa, out of the 54 nations, so far more than 10,000 cases of COVID-19 have been reported and the numbers are expected to go up. Several countries from the continents have reached out to India seeking help in terms of medicines, protective medical gear, as well as medical devices.

A senior officer who wished to remain anonymous has told Financial Express Online that “Countries including South Africa (which is also a member of BRICS & IBSA), Zambia, Uganda and Zimbabwe have sought India’s help to fight COVID-19.”

Says Prof Ajay Dubey, Chair: Centre for African Studies, JNU, “Under Corona Virus Crisis (CVC) African countries eagerly look towards their friendly countries including India. India has been a major exporter of pharmaceutical products in Africa, especially in the Eastern African region. It is known for affordable and reliable drugs in this region. Besides this, India also supports African countries in the health sector through its various projects under India Africa Forum Summits (IAFS). The telemedicine project of India is spread in different parts of African continent.

“The recent news about India having good stock and high production capacity of anti-malaria drug HCQ has naturally made several African countries to send SOS for this drug as they have several protocols and existing bilateral programmes to request priority supply of these drugs as well as equipment, masks, and medical dresses required for handling this pandemic”, Dubey observes.

India too has high domestic requirements and there are several other countries like Italy, Spain, the US which have a higher degree of an ongoing humanitarian crisis, deaths due to this pandemic.

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