DRDO’s missile scientists churn out products to fight COVID-19

Necessity is the mother of invention. True to this adage, Indian missile scientists have tweaked their trajectory to hit hitherto unknown targets to neutralise COVID-19 threat.

In short, some of the best brains behind a number of strategic and tactical missile missions at APJ Abdul Kalam Missile Complex in Hyderabad are now burning the midnight oil to help medical fraternity fight the coronavirus.

Amid all the restrictions around, a select group of scientists from Research Centre Imarat (RCI), a top arm of Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) in the Missile Complex, are developing a number of healthcare products on a war-footing.

Seeing the urgency and not wanting to wait for any formal approvals, some scientists have even spent money from their own pockets before the government relaxed rules and gave powers to the lab directors to utilise required funds.

Interestingly, many of the technology used to develop these products to fight COVID-19 are borrowed from systems and sub-systems on board many Indian missiles.

Among the products that have passed the prototype testing stages and already with industrial partners for mass production are: a full face covering mask for healthcare professionals, brushless DC motors (BLDC) for ventilator pumps (which are mainly used for missile control and actuators) and high response solenoid valves (use for missile control) for ventilator pumps to name a few.

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