Despite Coronavirus outbreak, India-Israel friendship continue to shine

At a time when SARS-COV2 virus has taken the entire world under its blanket, halting trillion dollars of trades and confining billions to their houses, Coronavirus has definitely brought world to a standstill. However, the pandemic could not slow down the pace of the rising bilateral cooperation between India and Israel. In fact, the two nations not only collaborated to beat the pandemic, but also brought each other closer in the time of need. Their friendship is certainly a yardstick for many others.

India inspired- No contact diplomacy

In order to contain the spread of Coronavirus in Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu encouraged Israelis to adopt the Indian style of greetings- Namaste, as opposed to mainstream handshakes. At a press conference in Israel, he spoke about considering small steps such as adopting the “Indian Namaste,” with proper demonstrations. He believed that embracing the Indian custom of greeting will help in slowing person-to-person contact and helping in mitigating the spread of the novel Coronavirus. He added “we love to embrace. We love to shake hands. We love to kiss. No more”.

In terms of soft power diplomacy, India has always aced the test in Israel. This recent development has proved the admiration both countries holds for each other. This is symbolic of invigorating partnership between India and Israel and opening up of major cultural exchanges.

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