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Coronavirus: Use Of Autonomous Robot For Law Enforcement During Covid-19 Lockdown

In India, a police robot can be deployed inside hospitals to avoid any disruption of the medical activities caused by undesired incidents and can help in improving the efficiency of the medical teams too, who are working 24×7, to contain the spread.

Advantages Using Robocop

Policing In Hospital Zones

Placing a human policeman on duty in virus-contaminated bio-hazardous zones like hospital isolation wards is not advisable, and even nursing staff enter these areas only for essential patient care and that too with full PPE gear. A Robocop can be put to implement law and order.

Patrolling The Streets

For the police force, resources are under constraints to establish the sanctity of the Law and Order directives as per the instructions given by the government. By placing Robocops in main streets of the city, police teams can operate from either from within the safety of their vehicles or remotely from an Operations Centre.

“This Robocop has the ability to move and be commanded remotely to investigate people and places as required. Presently, while a patrol team is underway during an area security rounds, their field of view is drastically reduced due to limited human senses (especially in darkness) and lack of recording for quick analysis.

Robocop equipment can give a better advantage of range, quicker data collection and recordable information for transmission and instantaneous analysis. These real-time pictures and video feed from a Robocop can

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