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Chhattisgarh police foil crafty Maoists’ IED blast plan in Bastar

Maoists chose lockdown as an occasion to identify the ground for laying improvised explosive device (IED) underneath the roads, that wore deserted look, to target the security forces in the conflict zone of Bastar, south Chhattisgarh.

Dantewada police thwarted a deceitful plan of the rebels by tracing a narrow subterranean tunnel along the Dantewada-Katekalyan tar road about 420 km south of Raipur, following the inputs revealed by the local villagers.

“Here comes the role of human intelligence that actually works in the conflict zone against the left-wing extremists. Such vital inputs add strength to the anti-Maoist campaign. These areas though are being routinely sanitised through de-mining activities by the paramilitary forces but still, lying below 4 feet down the surface, it couldn’t be detected.

In the uncovered slender tunnel space an IED explosives of 100-150 kg can easily be planted. We acted on information gathered locally by the district reserve guards (DRG)”, the Dantewada district police chief Abhishek Pallava said.

Without the precise specifics from the local inhabitants about the location where Naxals get to bring off their plan, it becomes extremely difficult for the forces to timely act on it.

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