Building up defences: DRDO uses available technology to fight Covid

​Covid-19 outbreak: DRDO on a war-footing

As India prepares to fight the Coronavirus pandemic, DRDO has emerged as a critical force-multiplier in combating the virus. It has used its years of experience and available technology to develop essential items for frontline mitigation.

From N99 masks to multi-patient ventilators, DRDO has quietly taken upon itself to develop cass leading products on a war-footing.

Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer being the basic instrument against spread of COVID-19 that has now been developed in-house at DRDO. By 3rd week of March, it was produced in sizable quantities and distributed to major offices and establishments within the capital.

Approximately 4,000 litres of hand sanitizer has been provided to Indian Armed forces, Armed Forces Medical Corps, Defence Security Corps, 1,500 litres to Ministry of Defence, 300 litres to Parliament, and 500 litres to various security establishments and high offices to address sanitization issue at first to keep administration work without fear of contamination.


Since COVID-19 affects pulmonary functions, keeping in mind the futuristic requirement, the Society for Biomedical Technology (SBMT) programme of DRDO has been modified to cater to the current situation. It has been created by using existing technologies like breath regulators, pressure/flow sensors, etc. Presently, innovation is on to create ‘Multi patient ventilator’ wherein several patients can be supported by a single ventilator.

This innovation is expected to be available within a week. Around 5,000 ventilators will be produced in the first month and 10,000 subsequently. T

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