Ban on new arms deals in India, know why

PM Modi has implemented Lockdown 2 amidst the nationwide corona crisis. In view of the situation arising out of the novel coronavirus, the three services of the defense have been ordered to stop the new arms deal. There are chances of budget cuts for defense.

In a letter written by the Department of Military Affairs, the three forces have been asked to stop all the deals related to the purchase and sale of weapons till the end of the Covid-19 crisis. The Indian Air Force was yet to pay France for 36 Rafale aircraft and Russia for the S-400 air defense weapon system.

The Indian Army is also purchasing tanks, guns and rifles from various countries including the US and Russia. Navy has recently signed a deal with the US to buy 24 Chopper. The economic pressure on the government has increased amidst the ongoing war of Covid-19.

In the critical situation caused by the virus, the Ministry of Defense is monitoring the preparedness of the armed forces towards dealing with the epidemic. The three armed forces have already implemented the policy of ‘no movement’.

Under this, almost all the bases other than some important operational matters and strategic monitoring branches have been completely locked down.

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