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Arjan Singh, the IAF star

The article ‘Arjan Singh, the man who was our Marshal’ (April 15) was a flashback into the life and career of the first five-star officer of the Indian Air Force. The iconic officer would remain a source of inspiration to many in the IAF and the two sisterly services. Remembrance on his 100th birth anniversary enlivens a generation that was a witness to both the pre- and post-Independent India and its dynamics of political change that went a long way in influencing their worldview and the urge for professional excellence. The first Marshal of the IAF epitomises the profile of the service and the changes it is undergoing in response to the contemporary world scenario.

Jagvinder Singh Brar, Patiala

Salute Karnal doctors

Reference to the news ‘Karnal docs: Will serve without double salary’ (April 16); the doctors have shown a real nationalistic spirit. In times, when people are in a rush to go to foreign lands for money, and several agitations are held to get salaries increased, these doctors having realised the gravity of the situation, have refused to accept the offer. They want this money to be used to fight the pandemic. The gesture should be commended.

Faqir Singh, Dasuya

Humanity gives hope

Reference to the editorial ‘Covid heroes’; it is said that doctors are living gods. One is a witness to it, especially at this time of pandemic. Healthcare professionals across the world are serving people without any discrimination. In fact, it is notable that the Cuban doctors, who were expelled from several Latin American countries, have now returned to save the people. The only positivity and hope at this terrible time is the humaneness displayed by the people which is otherwise hard to see.

Vidhya B Ragunath, Thanjavur

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