Why AH-64E Apache and MH-60 Romeo helicopters are important for Indian armed forces

India and the US on Tuesday finalised defence deals worth USD 3 billion under which India will procure 30 military helicopters–six AH-64 Apache and 24 MH-60 Romeo Helicopters– from two US defence majors for Indian armed forces. The announcement on the deals was made by US President Donald Trump after his wide-ranging talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Let us also find out why these helicopters are of importance to the Indian armed forces. The MH-60 Romeo is considered one of the world’s finest Multirole Helicopters and the Indian Navy has been waiting for such a helicopter for more than a decade.

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It is capable of launching an accurate attack by locating enemy submarines and warships in the sea. Radar, missile and rocket systems can be installed on it and this helicopter also has the capability of night vision.

This helicopter can also help in search and rescue operations in the sea. These can also be deployed on India’s aircraft carriers and destroyers. With the help of the MH-60 Helicopter, India will have the power to compete with China’s submarines in the Indian Ocean.

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According to the defence deal, the Indian Army will also get Apache combat helicopters. An Apache missile on the battlefield also destroys enemy tanks weighing 70 tons. This attack helicopter can also target the launch pad of terrorists across the Line of Control. And with the help of Apache, India’s airstrikes will be more deadly than before.

With these weapons, India and the US have pledged to strengthen their QUAD alliance against China. After the Doklam dispute in 2017, India resumed the QUAD alliance.

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