Saviours in the sky: Airlines operating some flights to get people back to safety and family

India and a host of other countries have either completely stopped or drastically curtailed their scheduled domestic and international flights to curb the spread of the coronavirus. However, the global skies are still seeing some airlines flying. The main reason cited by these airlines for operating their flights is to get as many people as possible back to their destinations.

In a statement late on Tuesday, Qatar Airways said it continues to operate more than 150 flights per day so that as many people as possible can get home safely to their loved ones, adding that, as of March 24, the airline is operating to over 70 cities worldwide.

“We are constantly reviewing our operations to see where there is more demand and requests, and wherever possible we will add more flights or bigger aircraft. This is a challenging time for the aviation industry, and we are thankful to airports and authorities and their staff around the world for their incredible efforts to help us get passengers home,” the airline said in a statement. Incidentally, with India stopping all foreign airlines from flying in till March 29, Qatar Airways has had to stop operations to and from India.

Similarly, the United Airlines website says, “While our international schedule will be reduced by about 90 per cent in April, we will continue flying six daily operations to and from the following destinations — covering Asia, Australia, Latin America, the Middle East and Europe.”

“This remains a fluid situation, but United continues to play a role in connecting people and uniting the world, especially in these challenging times,” the website adds.

The website shows that the New York/Newark Frankfurt flight (960/961), the one connecting Houston to Sao Paulo, (flight 62/63) and the San Francisco-Sydney flight (flight 863/870) will continue to operate till May.

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