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Safeguarding Space Assets: Dr G Satheesh Reddy, DRDO

Dr. G. Satheesh Reddy, Chairman of the Defence Research and Development Organisation, Secretary of the Department of Defence Research and Development and Scientific Adviser to the Defence Minister, opens up about his priorities – launch of DRDO’s Next Gen flagship programs, platforms specific to reduce major imports in defence. Excerpts from an interview with Aeromag:

As the chief architect of India’s path-breaking anti-satellite missile test Mission Shakti which is completing one year, how do you analyse the programme and could you explain the follow-up measures taken?

The importance of Mission Shakti lies in demonstrating deterrence in space and proving the country’s technological capability to provide protection for our space assets. It is intended only for technology demonstration.

As the Chief of DRDO, what are your priorities?

Launch of Next Gen flagship programs, platforms specific to reduce the major imports in defence is the priority. DRDO is taking major steps in the direction of ‘Make in India’ with defence corridors being planned by the Government of India. We have laid emphasis on NG MBT, TEJAS Mk-II, AMCA, new generation missile systems and HEAUV. The thrust would be to incorporate advanced technologies in design and development of flagship programs so that we are ready for meeting the futuristic requirements.

Artificial Intelligence would be a key factor in the modern battlefield. Please update us about DRDO’s programs in this regard.

DRDO has been working in the field of Artificial Intelligence and the work is being majorly carried out at one of our laboratory, CAIR. Other laboratories like R&DE and VRDE are also working on autonomous technologies.

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