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Pakistan plays Kashmir card in SAARC video conference on coronavirus

Pakistan representative in the SAARC video conference today once against played the Kashmir card. In the video conference that was organised by the initiation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Pak representative Dr Zafar Mirza brought up the issue of coronavirus in erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir.

“Let me say that it is a matter of concern that COVID-19 has been reported from Jammu and Kashmir and in view of the health emergency it is imperative that all lockdown in the disputed territory must be lifted immediately. Opening up communications and movement would allow the distribution of medical supplies and enable containment and relief efforts to proceed,” Mirza said.

The video conference which was attended by the national leaders of all the SAARC countries was not attended by Pak PM Imran Khan. Instead, Khan sent his close aide Dr Zafar Mirza.

In the video conference, PM Modi proposed a joint fund which could be used by any of the SAARC nations to fight coronavirus.

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