International Women’s Day 2020: Incredible women achievers who led many firsts in the country

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, a special edition by Zee News on ‘Naari Shakti’ focuses on how women have finally made breakthroughs in several areas where their participation was not seen earlier. From an all-women crew in Bengaluru running the train to Tanya Shergill breaking stereotypes and leading the woman parade on Republic Day—this year saw many firsts by female power.

Let’s take a close look at some of the women achievers so far in their respective fields and hail their spirit:

The Indian Railways have taken a few vital steps towards encouraging women empowerment. Railway Minister Piyush Goyal posted a video on social media of Mysore Rajya Rani Express train which was run by a women-crew on March 1, 2020. The train runs from Bengaluru to Mysore. Also, Mumbai’s Matunga railway station is country’s first all-women railway station. From station master to ticket collector – all charges and duties are managed by female staff. Similarly, Gandhi Nagar railway station in Rajasthan is also managed by an all-women team of workers.

On January 26, 2020, captain Tanya Shergill became first Indian woman Parade Adjutant to lead an all-man contingent at 72nd Army Day parade. She led an all-man contingent during the ceremonial Republic Day parade at Rajpath, New Delhi.

For the first time ever on Republic Day this year, an all-women bikers contingent of the CRPF made its debut and performed daredevil stunts during the parade. Earlier, only the male riders performed such breathtaking acts. As many as 106 women commandos on 26 bikes performed the daredevil stunts at a 3 kilometre stretch from Vijay Chowk to India Gate in New Delhi.

The six women officers of Indian Navy of Navika Sagar Parikrama completed a 254-day expedition covering 22,000 nautical miles, facing rough seas, bad weather during their historic journey in 2018. Lieutenant Commander Vartika Joshi led the first all-women crew of Indian Navy’s sailing vessel INSV Tarini.

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