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Fighting Corona on land, Indian Navy tracks Pakistani, Chinese Navy movements in seas

Even as it is supporting the fight against Coronovirus on land, the Indian Navy is maintaining a Hawkeye in the Indian Ocean Region as it tracked Pakistani and Chinese Navy movements separately.

Indian Navy sources told ANI that the mission deployed warships of the Indian Navy are continuing extrusive surveillance from the Red Sea to Malacca Strait.

“During this surveillance, the Navy warships tracked newly-commissioned Pakistan Navy ship PNS Yarmook which was coming from Romania through the Red Sea to Karachi,” they said.

The Pakistan Navy warship was continuously tracked by the Indian Navy warships which are deployed in Operation Sankalp near the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Aden for anti-piracy operations.

The Indian Navy warships deployed in the Indian Ocean Region also tracked a Chinese Navy Y901 class warship, which is a tanker.

The Indian Navy frequently uses its warships and maritime surveillance aircraft such as the P-8I anti-submarine warfare aircraft for keeping an eye on the Chinese Navy movements in the waters close to India.

The Chinese Navy tanker was tracked by our ships as soon as it entered the area through the Malacca Straits, the Navy sources said.

The Indian Navy has been tracking the movements of Chinese Navy vessels including its nuclear and conventional submarines, warships and tankers which frequent the Indian Ocean regularly in the name of anti-piracy patrols.

For battling Coronovirus on land, the Indian Navy has set up quarantine centres as different places and a number of evacuees from Iran had come to its quarantine facility in Mumbai.

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