DRDO helps with protective material, ventilator design

Expanding its role in combating the Covid 19 crisis, the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is now working with the private sector to mass produce ventilators, provide high grade protective material for use by researchers and healthcare professionals, and will provide vital enzymes that are needed to make test kits for the virus.

Top DRDO scientist AK Singh, who leads the Life Sciences Directorate of DRDO, told ET that scientists have been working around the clock to step in for assistance and labs as well as production units are being utilised to produce gear needed for healthcare.

“To start with, we made the sanitiser formulation that was a simple thing but was very vital and in high demand. Among other government agencies, we have distributed it to police personnel manning pickets, who are very vulnerable. Their safety is of utmost concern,” Singh told ET.

With ventilators emerging as the biggest need of the hour, the defence organisation has stepped in to help the private sector to mass produce the devices. A design of ventilators made by the biomedical technical society under DRDO had earlier been transferred to Mysore-based Skan-Ray Technologies that will now be mass produced.

“We are trying to help them to increase production rate and they need critical parts that we will try to help arrange. The company has agreed to share the technology and design with other Indian companies free of cost to expand production capability, which is very commendable,” Singh said.

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