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Cyber Security: Need for a Comprehensive National Policy

National security today is far more comprehensive than understood in its narrow military terms. There are more players in its architecture now than what existed 20 years ago. The existence of two major fault lines in our current system has contributed to slow development in the understanding of national security interests and objectives.

The first refers to our institutions of governance which are based on sector-specific knowledge and management systems and these are unable to collaborate in delivering multi-disciplinary and multi-sectoral responses to evolving national or international situations.

The second is the inability or failure to increase salience across the spectrum, which is not amenable to national and regional situations referred above. It’s an opportune moment to end the “silo” mentality and create trans-sectoral synergies in all areas of activities.

The need for a competent cyber security infrastructure as part of the national security policy cannot be overemphasized. The Kargil Review Committee (KRC), India’s first-ever political review of national security management, laid the foundation and brought to the table several areas of concern, future threats and rightly identified cyberspace as a main challenge.

The National Cyber Security Policy (2013) (NCSP) was a major step in the direction to prepare India to address the threats and challenges in cyberspace. Its recommendations were comprehensive and designed to be covered over a period of 10 years.

There is a considerable gap in its vision and results. The proposed policy will no doubt examine the shortcomings of its predecessor and also create solutions for the future.

Fortunately, the National Telecom Policy – 2013 (NTP-2013) came at the right time so as to create a road map and its successor NTP-2018 aids in progressing in the right direction. Both NSCP and NTP will have to effectively coalesce to make a comprehensive policy for 2030.

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