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CRPF will get state-of-the-art military equipment to combat Naxalite

The CRPF will now be able to reach closer to the Naxalites hiding in the forest and take effective action against them, using the latest equipment found to monitor the sky. This was said by CRPF chief AP Maheshwari. While giving the information, the Director-General of CRPF has said that CPRF has recently received state-of-the-art unmanned aircraft and heat-detection equipment.

With the help of this equipment and its intelligence team, the force will now be able to monitor the activities of Naxalites effectively, so that effective action can be taken against them. For this, a strategy for better coordination will be made and work will be done on it. This will help eliminate left-wing extremism in the near future. This type of intelligence equipment proves very helpful for the forces working on the ground.

This will greatly limit the damage to the security forces and will help in taking exact action against the Naxalites. Information received without delay will give security forces a chance to change their strategy and take action or rescue. This will now especially help the security force in a strong stronghold of Naxalites like Chhattisgarh.

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