Covid-19 and 45 years of biological weapons convention

Today, the challenges in front of the global community owing to the Covid-19 threat is so enormous that actually every country is a bit confused. More of the efforts to address this threat is found been made based on the ‘trial and error’ methodology.

Obviously, the world is not prepared to tackle the challenge of such enormity. It is a reality that no country in the world can actually remain fully prepared to address the threat of this nature. However, it is also a fact that the preparation level could have been much better if we would have strengthened our own structures bit more.

It is a bit premature to give a value judgement in regards to the exact reason for the occurrence of the coronavirus. Many experts are of the opinion that in all probability, it has occurred owing to the natural reasons. However, since the World War eras, there have been few occasions when the world had witnessed an act of germ-warfare too.

Realising that threats like this and a few other possible (known) threats, the global society has taken a few corrective steps. States have evolved various transnational policies to address such issues. During the Cold War and post-Cold War era, much attention was paid universally towards the proliferation of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons (commonly known as Weapons of mass destruction, WMD) and the associated technologies, materials, and expertise.

In the post-Cold War and post 9/11 era particularly, increasing attention has been given to the threat of WMD terrorism. Landmark international treaties to prevent the spread of these weapons and weapons technology have been formulated by theUnited Nations.

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