COVID-19: 277 Indians Evacuated from Iran in Mahan Air Flight Taken to Jodhpur for Quarantine

Mahan Air flight carrying 277 Indian passengers evacuated from Tehran, Iran has landed at Delhi airport today early morning. All the 277 evacuees were then taken to Jodhpur Airport where they will quarantined for 14 days in the Army Wellness Facility established in Jodhpur Military Station. All passengers have been tested negative for COVID-19 in the initial screening.

This is one of the two flights to land in India carrying passengers stuck in Iran. Centre earlier gave permission to Iran-based Mahan Air for evacuating Indians stuck in the Middle Eastern country due to the outbreak of Covid-19.

As per plans, two ferry flights will evacuate around 600 Indians from Iran. The first flight flew with evacuated Indians from the Middle Eastern country on March 24, and landed on 25th March, while the second flight will be operated March 28.

According to highly placed sources, all these Indian nationals have tested negative for Covid-19.

Presently, only Mahan Air and Iran Air operate flight services between India and Iran. However, last month, the services of these two airlines to India were discontinued to prevent the spread of the global pandemic.

Earlier, Mahan and Iran Air evacuated Indians from the Middle Eastern country on March 13 and 15.

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