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Coronavirus: Federations of defence industrial employees write to MoD, seek suspension of work

Expressing concerns over the threat of coronavirus spread, the three key federations of Defence industrial employees who represent the workforce from the ordnance and ammunition factories, ordnance depots and base workshops — collectively called the ‘War Reserve’ of the country — have written to the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to suspend work for a definite period, especially in the establishments in or near COVID-19 affected areas.

Meanwhile, the Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) on Friday night announced the directives of the Department of Personnel and Training of the Union Government deployment of upto 50 per cent of the workforce will be applied for ordnance factories too.

However, office bearers of the three federations of Defence industrial employees have said earlier that considering a very large number of workers being present in small units or workshops, complete stoppage of the work at least till March 31 was necessary. Federations have also sought extensions in the deadlines to meet the year-end targets of production.

A major chunk of the weapons, ammunition and supplies for not just armed forces but also paramilitary and police forces comes from the factories run by the Ordnance Factories Board which is a body under the MoD.

Their products include civilian and military grade arms and ammunition, explosives, propellants and chemicals for missiles systems, military vehicles, armoured vehicles, optical devices, parachutes, support equipment, troop clothing and general stores items.

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