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Coronavirus: Army postpones all recruitment rallies by a months

The Indian Army has postponed all recruitment rallies by a month, and has asked its personnel to travel only for essential duties in the wake of novel coronavirus outbreak, army sources said on Friday.

The sources added that instructions have been issued to all concerned to accord adequate focus on health security and all ranks must take precautions to avoid infection.

“All recruitment rallies will be postponed by one month,” a source said. Besides this, travel by personnel has also been restricted but only for essential duties. They are also advised to choose video-conference facilities instead of travel.

Command headquarters have also been instructed to establish adequate quarantine facilities at following locations to support plans of the government.

Accordingly, quarantine facilities have been established at Manesar (300 beds), Jodhpur (1000), Jaisalmer (1000), Jhansi (1000), Binnaguri (300) and Gaya (300).

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