China ’s attitude towards India is like a dog’s tale

China is like a dog’s tale the way Chuken-Hachiko (Hachiko means the faithful dog) was hero of Japanese people but its tale was not straight.

Lok Sabha member Tapir Gao had objected to intrusion by China into his state Arunachal Pradesh territory in the house on November 19, saying China had intruded into Anjaw district in September 2019 despite ongoing bilateral talks to solve the border dispute.

Beijing should recall that Chinese People’s Liberation Army had penetrated into Indian Territory close to the outskirts of Tezpur, Assam, a major frontier town nearly 50-km from NEFA border and local government had ordered evacuation of the civilians from Tezpur.

After Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai received his Indian counterpart Jawaharlal Nehru’s letter (rejecting Zhou’s proposal), the fighting resumed on the eastern theatre on November 14 (Nehru’s birthday), with an Indian attack on Walong, claimed by China, launched from the defensive position of Se La and inflicting heavy casualties on the Chinese. The Chinese resumed military activity on Aksai Chin and NEFA hours after the Walong battle.

According to the China’s official military history, the war achieved China’s policy objectives of securing borders in its western sector, as China retained de facto control of Aksai Chin. After the war, India abandoned the Forward Policy, and the de facto borders stabilised along the Line of Actual Control. But, according to James Calvin of Marine Corps Command & Staff College, even though China won a military victory it lost its international image.

The NEFA has been ruled by democratically elected Govt as the Agency Council, a four-tier Panchayati Raj system, formed on 03-12-69 after implementation of the NEFA Panchayati Raj Regulation Act, 1967, was re-designated as Pradesh Council after NEFA attained Union Territory status on 20-01-72.

The councils converted to provisional Legislative Assembly on 15-08-78 while first general election to 30-member house of the UT was conducted on 25-02-78 and PK Thungon-led Govt was installed on 14-03-78.

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