Air force, army on standby to help Tamil Nadu government battle coronavirus

The Indian Army and the Indian Air Force have readied their units to help the state government fight coronavirus. The forces can provide quarantine centres and medical personnel to the government, and army medical centres for the public and others.

The air force station in Tambaram is operating a quarantine centre where passengers, most of them transit flyers stuck at Kuala Lumpur and who arrived on an AirAsia flight, are housed.

The defence ministry has already ordered the army and air force to prepare more quarantine centres, a source said. “Our medical staff are ready for all emergencies and can be deployed immediately if a request comes,” said an official.

The production units have been asked to manufacture materials that will be needed for patient care. The Ordnance Clothing Factory in Avadi, which makes uniforms for the army, has begun making masks.

More than 1 lakh masks have been made and supplied to the military. The army and air force have taken steps to protect its personnel against the disease and protective gear is being prepared so that they can be used if the personnel are deployed in the state.

“The air force is ready to set up a medical facility if there is a request from the ministry. The team is prepared to assist the state government when there is a need,” said an official.

“The army medical units can be deployed quickly if there is a need. Precautions against Covid-19 are being taken by the personnel.

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