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Regressive, Contrary to the Record’: Women Officers Counter Centre on Denial of Command Posts in Army

Serving women officers in the Indian Army have countered the Centre’s stand in the Supreme Court on denying command posts to women on the ground of their physiological limitations, terming it not only “regressive but also completely contrary to the demonstrated record and statistics”.

In their written submission to the court, the women officers sought rejection of the submission of the Centre and said it is unfortunate that such grounds have been raised, which are completely contrary to the demonstrated records of the case.

“It is submitted that the justification/reasons stated in the note handed over on behalf of the Union of India with regard to denying women officers command appointments is not highly regressive but also completely contrary to the demonstrated record and statistics,” the women officers said in their written submission.

The women officers said they have been serving in the 10 Combat Support Arms, for the last 27 to 28 years and have proven their metal and courage under fire.

“They have been found suitable by the organization itself and have led platoons and companies of soldiers and men, both in peace locations as also hostile locations/operations, in the 10 Combat Support Arms. There has never been any occasion of soldiers/men having refused or not accepted the command of women on account of their perceived rural background, with prevailing societal norms’,” the written submission stated.

The written submission which has been taken on record said the women officers have demonstrated that they do not lack in any manner in the roles that have been assigned to them.

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