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India’s Indigenous Aircraft Carrier INS Vikrant Set For 2022 Commissioning

India's Indigenous Aircraft Carrier (IAC) is expected to be inducted into the Indian Navy by 2022. The deadline to deliver the ship was 2018. Delay in getting aviation equipment from Russia caused the setback.

Last month, the Indian MoD stated that IAC construction is in an advanced state with all four Gas Turbines, main engines having been started, Power Generation Systems comprising of eight Diesel Alternators ready and trials of ship’s major systems and auxiliary equipment in progress.

IAC had successfully completed the Pre-Contractors Sea Trials dry dock work package in Dec 2019. Basin trials are conducted for proving the propulsion, transmission and shafting systems and are scheduled in the early half of 2020. The Aircraft Carrier is scheduled to commence the Sea Trials on April 10, 2020.

The latest test schedule for INS Vikrant:

Bridge readiness: February 12
Basin trials: March 12
Sea trials: April 10

About IAC INS Vikrant

Back in 2015, India’s minister of defense announced that the indigenous aircraft carrier INS Vikrant would be delivered to the Indian Navy in December 2018. Local media reported in May 2017 that the procurement delays has been resolved and the carrier’s fitting-out was 62% complete, with trials of the auxiliary systems scheduled by late 2017. The latest reports indicate that India’s first locally made aircraft carrier will be commissioned in 2022.

INS Vikrant is a 260 meters long and 60 meters wide vessel displacing 37,500-tonnes. Maximum speed of the ship is announced at 28 knots, with a range of 7,500 nautical miles at a speed of 18 knots. INS Vikrant is set to receive a large crew complement composed of 160 officers and 1,400 sailors.

The aircraft carrier will be able to accommodate up to 30 fighters and helicopters, including Mig-29K fighters jets and Ka-31 helicopters.

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