Indian aviation regulator adds passengers of four countries to be screened for Coronavirus

India’s aviation regulator has now mandated the screening of passengers arriving from South Korea, Japan, Thailand and Singapore in addition to China and Hong Kong for suspected Coronavirus cases.

In a notice, the directorate general of civil aviation (DGCA) said all passengers arriving from these countries will be universally screened “once they step out of the specified identified aerobridge”

Airport officials were advised to place signages in locations across the airport and also have self-declaration forms signed and filled by passengers.

Passengers are usually screened with thermal scanners that use heat sensors and can spot people with high temperature levels. Passengers suspected of infection are taken to a quarantined area. The screening, initially done at four airports has not been extended to 21 across the country.

A passenger travelling on a SpiceJet Bangkok-Delhi flight was on Thursday suspected of being infected by coronavirus. He was quarantined at the Delhi airport. In a statement Friday, the airline said the passenger tested negative for the virus.

Earlier this year, the Indian government temporarily suspended all E-visas issued to Chinese nationals as well as people from other nationalities residing in China.

Air India last week evacuated Indians stuck in China. The government had then estimated that about 700 Indian students, were studying in different universities in Wuhan, the centre of the outbreak, and its surrounding areas.

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