India says International community has shown understanding on J&K, CAA

Countries have shown understanding that India’s move to revoke the special status given to Jammu and Kashmir and integrate it closely with the rest of India is an internal matter, the government told parliament on Wednesday.

The international community has also shown understanding that “Pakistan sponsored cross border terrorism has been posing a grave threat and affecting the lives of the people of India including in Jammu and Kashmir,” Minister of State for External Affairs, V Muraleedharan told parliament in a written response on Wednesday.

Countries have called on Pakistan not to allow its territories to be used for terrorism in any manner, he said.

The minister was referring to the steps taken by parliament last year to integrate Kashmir more closely with India. Some steps taken by the government including placing curbs on communication and the Internet and putting some politicians into preventive detention has attracted adverse remarks from governments and lawmakers from abroad.

The minister also said that the international community had shown understanding that the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) passed by parliament in December was “affirmative action” aimed at addressing “the longstanding predicament of vulnerable sections living in India,” and that it “does not affect in any manner on the status of any Indian citizen or deprive any Indian of any faith her or his citizenship.”

“These countries have expressed faith that the Indian democratic processes and institutions are equipped to deal with issues that may arise in the implementation of decisions made by parliament,”the minister said.

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