How this DRDO-made weapon will safeguard skies during Trump-Modi’s roadshow

The security arrangements for US President Donald Trump’s maiden visit to India are underway on a war footing basis. Trump’s visit begins on Monday and all the security checks including the President’s private chopper, Trump’s private cars have been imported from US, and a seven tier security circle are in place to make the safety foolproof.

Anti-drone system

To provide aerial security cover for President Trump, a domestically manufactured anti-drone system has deployed in Ahmedabad. The system successfully cleared trials conducted on Friday. The anti-drone system, developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), is capable of neutralising any drones that may intrude into the designated security zone earmarked for the visiting US President.

The DRDO system can detect and identify drone threats at a moment’s instance and terminate them. Unmanned aerial vehicles, mostly of small size, are called drones. They are controlled remotely and can be utilised by miscreants or militants for carrying explosives apart from other threats they pose.

The foolproof arrangement

The anti-drone system will work along with the local police, teams of the Rapid Action Force, the State Reserve Police Force, Chetak Commando and the Anti-Terrorist Squad.

All the state agencies will work closely with national agencies like the National Security Guard (NSG) and the Special Protection Group (SPG).

Heavy security has been deployed in Ahmedabad, where President Trump will accompany Prime Minister Narendra Modi on a unique 22-km long ‘Unity in Diversity’ roadshow, culminating in the ‘Namaste Trump’ event at the gigantic Motera cricket stadium.

Trump and Modi will take part in a 22km-long roadshow in Ahmedabad and jointly address a gathering at the newly- built cricket stadium in Motera area of the city.

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