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Goa Shipyard Constructing Advanced Warships to Bolster ‘Make in India’ Mission: CMD Nagpal

GSL is one the leading defence shipyards and has been involved in design and construction of indigenous maritime assets that are pivotal to the Indian Navy’s and Indian Coast Guard’s attaining substantial prowess for providing maritime and coastal security.

The Shipyard has undertaken a massive modernisation programme and is in the league of the best-equipped shipyards in the region. Its focus ahead is on two major contracts for building two advanced missile frigates and Mine Counter-Measure Vessels. Captain D K Sharma (Retd) of interviewed Commodore BBNagpal (Retd), CMD, GSL to take stock of GSL’s strengths and current commitments.

Captain DK Sharma (Retd) (DKS): You are one of the biggest shipbuilders we have in this country; take us on a brief walk across GSL’s milestones during your tenure.

CommdoreB BNagpal (Retd), CMD, Goa Shipyard Ltd (CMD, GSL): GSL has garnered a reputation of being one of the fastest growing Yards in the country, producing state of the art indigenous vessels for maritime security forces. In addition to the quality products, the Shipyard has also proved itself as a reliable supplier with unique distinction of all deliveries prior to contractual schedule.

The last one year has also been very encouraging with the Yard transitioning itself to the domain of advanced weapon intensive platforms by signing the prestigious contract for construction of two Advanced Missile Frigates for the Indian Navy under design assistance from Russia.

This project will definitely catapult us into a select league of shipyards which can design and construct complex weapon intensive ships. I am proud of the fact that

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