Dynamatic Technologies unfurled the ‘Manportable Tethered Drone’ at the Defexpo2020

Dynamatic Technologies Ltd, an Indian Company with a global brand, unfurled the ‘Manportable Tethered Drone’ at the Defexpo, which is on at Lucknow, from 5-9 February, 2020. This innovative product is presently displayed at the India Pavilion, in the ‘Forces of Tomorrow’ Zone and is drawing big crowds.

It is an ideal product for operational use by the Defence Forces, especially the Infantry, Commandos, Para-Military Forces and the State Police. It can be carried by one soldier and is a ‘continuous eye in the sky’, even on the move. The endurance is unlimited, if connected to power. With batteries, the endurance is 3.5 hours, which can be increased by carrying another set of rechargeable batteries.

The ability to ‘look over the hill’, gives a force multiplier effect to the respective Forces. Ideal for High Altitude Areas and patrols in the jungles and hills, this product is very quick to deploy and effective in transmitting data to networked stations. The para military and central armed police forces as also the State Police Forces can use it effectively in enclosed spaces, for various operational tasks, including handling large crowds.

The manportable package also includes a foldable micro UAV, with an endurance of one hour. The micro UAV can be additionally flown in the area of interest, to get further details and better ‘situational awareness’. The advantages of the manportable drone are :-

-Continuous eye in the sky, Esp in CI/ CT operations
– Unlimited endurance
– Valuable situational awareness
– Tethered hovering platform on the move
– Single operation Centre : can also be networked to pass information to other stations.

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